Skylander Sunburn Halloween Costume

My younger son decided he wanted to be a Skylander for Halloween this year. Specifically, Sunburn, a creature that is apparently half-dragon and half-Phoenix. I had remembered that I seen a pattern for some wings in a back issue of Burda Magazine, so at least I had a starting point, huh? I modified the feather template to look more Phoenix esk and added finished edges on the feathers and an orange lining to the wings. The Burda pattern was for a parrot, but it wasn’t that difficult to convert. It did take a bit longer then I had hoped, but he loves his wings and I am sure he will be wearing them for play. I really enjoyed making them too and the smiles and excitement were well worth the effort.



I figured that given Halloween was a week away, I would take the easier route and simply purchase a red hoodie and pants. Red is obviously not the color of the season and I could not find them anywhere, so I ended up making them from fleece as well. I added a blue breast plate to the front of the hoodie with velcro and a yellow felt crest to the hood and we were in business. Last were the felt boots with red felt claws and there we had him, Sunburn!




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