Incomplete Sewing Projects (I am sure I am not the only one)

I spent some time this weekend sewing and I now have several incomplete sewing projects. I was working with the Vogue 8766 pattern.


I am working on strapless bodice construction. I am between sizes for the upper and lower portions but also fit the official petite criteria. I started making the petite fit for the bodice, which I think is definitely too short, at least I would prefer my bodice to be a bit longer. I also added about an inch of ease which was totally unnecessary and now I will need to subtract more than that for the finished product. Because this is a “learning project” I think I will scrap what I have done so far and remake the bodice portion with the original pattern to see where that puts me in terms of fit. I am not so good at trusting patterns. I am 5′ 1″ and firmly a 34A, so average patterns are not usually made to fit me in the bodice region. Well, this was my first experience making a tight fitted bodice and grading for a muslin.

I also am finishing up many changes to a pattern from the book I am Cute Dresses by Sato Watanabe.

I am Cute Dresses

I used linen that perhaps doesn’t have enough drape for this pattern. I think the pattern lacks the shape that I am personally looking for as well, so I have changed it a lot.  At the shoulder/upper arm it is rather wide and the arm hole a bit long. I have altered it enough that it will be wearable when I finish the hem, but for the next rendition I will make some definite changes.  I love the look of the asymmetrical neck line and I am sure I can revamp the pattern to make it work a bit better. I’ll post some pictures when I have a more finished product.


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