Raised Garden Bed

Ok, so ignore the garbage bags and other random objects mostly in the second picture. I build this raised box garden. I followed the square foot gardening method mostly. The bed is about 13 feet long and 2.5 feet deep. The trellis is not attached yet in the pictures below, but I built and “designed” that too. This is my first year for a garden. We (my husband and I) have planted about 12 Blueberry bushes and 6 raspberry plants (both red and black raspberries). You can see those on the hill behind the box garden (next to the bag of mulch). We started with a bunch of weeds that were taller then me and it is still a work in progress.

After two summers of digging out the invading vines (some of the roots were as thick as my wrist) and solarizing the areas with black plastic during the hot summer months in attempt to cook the remaining roots, we finally planted. We put down newspaper and then put a thick layer of mulch over the newspaper. Hopefully that will help to minimize return of the horrible, horrible vines. There is also a “no-mans land” between our property and the neighbor’s property, so I just threw some wild flower seeds in that area for now. I don’t use pesticides or herbicides and am utilizing organic plants and methods for our gardening. Along with that I plan to use as much edible landscaping as I can convince or sneak past my husband. So considering aesthetics and utility, hopefully everyone will be satisfied in the end.



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