After hiring a contractor…

We had several contractors come to look at the house and give us estimates for the work, but none of them seemed to really understand what we were envisioning. Luckily, we found a great contractor, Lou Patella.  I had met him at the local bagel store that I frequented and he came to check out the house and give us a bid to do the work.  He seemed to understand the vision we had for the house and so we had our contractor. He was able to start work pretty quickly and thought he could have the project done on time.

Here are some pictures from after he took charge of the project. Things started to move very quickly…



There were some structural issues with the roof that we were aware of before we purchased the home and as the repairs began, it became apparent that it would be pretty easy to vault the ceilings from 8 foot to 14 feet. We had a pretty unusable attic space and roofing issues that allowed for this to happen without much additional cost. The angles were beautiful, I still actually miss seeing the studs in the kitchen.

We chose our flooring – Walnut colored Bamboo & kitchen cabinets (sample cabinet door is under sample floor board) . We actually did the design ourselves (with the input of our contractor) and were certainly utilizing a contemporary minimalistic style. Our Master Bathroom tile is to the right below.


We altered the living room fire place. It was rather expensive to rip out the brick surround so we, along with our contractor decided to build that part of the wall out, add extra insulation & build a new hearth and surround. We were without insulation and attempting to keep the house semi-heated so the pipes would not freeze in the middle of winter, so we were greatly relieved when the insulation was finally installed.



Yeah for insulation!

We also needed a break in the weather in order to replace the roof. Some shoveling of snow from the roof was still required.


There were also some severe storms that allowed us to clearly identify that a few windows were leaking. Windows were ordered and plastic was put up to protect the inside of the home until the windows arrived.

The front door was replaced and the dry wall all went up while the roof and gutters were being replaced.








Wow, the kitchen cabinets arrived.



& we have countertops.


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