Phase 1 – 3 Months to finish primary interior remodeling

We decided that the inside was clearly our main priority. We had three months to remodel the house, our house, before we had to move in. It had been vacant for a year. The primary living spaces & master bathroom were gutted and we removed the wall between the kitchen and dining areas to create an open floor plan.

We didn’t have a contractor, so I began demolition. Initially my husband laughed at that, but then he came home from work after the first day and was really surprised at how much I had accomplished. I ripped out all of the carpets and padding and took down the curtains & hardware. That’s when he finally got motivated. My parents also came to visit & were a tremendous help with the demolition.






We completed the demolition, but I was injured in the process and we hired a contractor to complete the project. The injury set us back a bit, but after a couple of weeks of recovery, I was able to use a brace and continue to work.


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